Sharp Zaurus SL-C3200

Here it is, I have finally received this gorgeous piece of hardware : a Zaurus :)

Zaurus C3200

Better a picture than a long talk, here is the beast. This model can be found only in Japan, so I had to import it via Ebay. Rather expensive, but very powerful and running Linux from the beginning. Priceless ! When I first made it boot, I was a bit puzzled to see all those Japanese characters and no trivial option to switch to English. In addition it was the evening and I had nothing for dealing with the Japanese plug. So that it went down during the night.

After purchasing a universal plug I decided to flash it with a ROM that was recommended to me : pdaXrom. I don’t know what has gone wrong, but 10 minutes later I had in my hand a beautiful but useless device : even the battery LED refused to light very wrong. “Stress” would not describe the situation too well :-)

For some reason, the service menu had gone too, so that booting while holding D + M was no option. After stressing Google with my repeated “zaurus bricked” searches, I found out that there were actually a second minimalistic ROM available ! “Happiness” would not describe the situation too well ;-). So, in case someone needs it : here is the magical combo that will save your life, your soul, and even your zaurus : Fn + D + M. Yeah !

Actually it seems that you can’t destroy your Zaurus (at least the 3*00) by flashing it. Still, don’t blame me if you succeed