Html description in Dokuwiki feeds

A quick hack for displaying complete posts (in html) in rss feeds. I’m using the blogging suite from Esther Brunner ( The plugins are written in such a way that they don’t allow html in feeds. I had to modify it that way :

In helper.php (from blog plugin)

// dump complete content
$desc = p_cached_output(wikiFN($id,$rev),'simplehtml',$id);

$result[$key] = array(
  'id'       => $id,
  'date'     => $cdate,
  'exists'   => true,
  'perm'     => $perm,
  'html'     => $desc,

In feed.php (from feed plugin)

// description
if ($page['desc']) $item->description = htmlspecialchars($page['desc']);
elseif ($page['html']) $item->description = $page['html'];
else $item->description = htmlspecialchars($meta['description']['abstract']);

Also, I introduced a “simplehtml” parser, which is a clone of “xhtml” except that it wipes out the css styling.