Python bindings for the VMware Orchestrator

I’ve recently released Python bindings for the VMware vCenter Orchestrator under the MIT license.

Those bindings were developed as part of our test campaigns for the vCO SOAP WebService, but were designed from the beginning as a general purpose client. So that hopefully that might be useful to someone else. A specificity of these bindings is that they provide both a synchronous and an asynchronous interfaces. This allows to write simple (synchronous) scripts, as well as more complex applications using the Twisted framework. All this using a consistent API.

The bindings and their dependencies can be installed by:

$ pip install vmw.vco

The source code is available here:

Basic example of use:

>>> from vmw.vco.client import Client

>>> c = Client(url='',
...            username='admin', password='admin')

>>> print c.echo('foo')

Note that this example uses an online resource, a vCO simulator. More on that topic later.