Org-mode links for Magit

Since some people seem to find it useful, let’s advertise it a bit :) I’ve wrote a very small extension to Org-Mode and Magit, that allows me to put links to magit items in my org files. See

Currently 3 types of links are supported:

  • magit:/path/to/repo::commit@<hash>
  • magit:/path/to/repo::status
  • magit:/path/to/repo::log

But you probably don’t want to bother, and use org-store-link from the target buffer.

See the header of org-magit.el for more information.

Within emacs, opening those links will just invoke magit with the proper environment. When exporting to HTML, this extension tries to convert the links to something meaningful, using a list of web frontend and their URL schemes. Only GitHub is provided out of the box, but nothing prevents from adding more. Actually I’m doing exactly that to point to an internal cgit instance I have at work.

I’m using this as a set of bookmarks, and also to link actual commits to my development tasks.

(once I’m done with a couple of improvements, I’ll definitely push into magit contrib)