Blog automated deployment

This site is now automatically deployed upon git commit to

I’ve been following the instructions here, that make use of wercker. It works beautifully, although I did have to do a minor modification: since I make heavy use of Pygments to display source code, I needed to make sure it’s available in the context of this automated build (update: looking at the code of arjen/hugo-build, it should not be needed, so not exactly sure what’s going on here, I’ll investigate later).

This is very easily achieved with this final wercker.yml

box: debian
    - install-packages:
        packages: python-pygments
    - arjen/hugo-build@1.8.1
    - install-packages:
        packages: git ssh-client
    - lukevivier/gh-pages@0.2.1:
        token: $GIT_TOKEN
        basedir: public

python-pygments is the name of the Debian package. Depending on what box you’re using, this might need to be adjusted.

So now I can blog with just Emacs and Magit. Yay!