Migrating to Hugo

It’s been a long while (more than 3 years !) since I haven’t written anything here. Partly it’s because I’m busy as hell (and love it !), and partly it’s because interacting with my old website wasn’t fun anymore.

Dokuwiki is a great platform, really, but I just don’t want to care about all this anymore. What I want is to write and publish from my Emacs. I also want static webpages so I don’t have to even think about security.

I’ve been playing for a while with various generators, mainly written in python. But now it’s all over cause I’ve discovered Hugo. It’s so fast and flexible that it’s not even funny… So today I went shopping for a nice theme, found a Jekyll theme I liked (yes, I’m still very much into console-looking stuff), ported it to Hugo and worked on a Dokuwiki to Markdown converter (very primitive stuff, just enough to get me through 90% of the conversion, and I did the remaining 10% manually).

And… voilĂ . Feels good