Moving to Netlify

Today I moved this site from GitHub Pages to Netlify. So far it looks pretty convincing, as it allowed for the following changes:

  • simplified the deployment story, removing werckr from the equation. Don’t get me wrong I like the service, it’s just that the amount of time spent on it is excessive.
  • the live-preview on pull requests will no doubt help me validate intrusive changes without breaking everything in the process (not that anybody would actually notice, but still :)). Additionally, that will enable me to hack on the site directly on GitHub, without the need for a local hugo development environment.
  • automatic Let’s Encrypt certificates is a very nice plus, the lack of SSL termination with custom domains was my main grievance with GitHub Pages.

Other features I might use in the future:

  • branch deployments sound cool for those occasional massive rewrites. I need to figure out the DNS implications though.