Personal projects

This is a list of projects that I have initiated and maintained.

The most recent (and thus active) come first.

MagitThe git client for Emacs
Emacs buildbotA community-based approach to Emacs packages continuous integration
vco-gaevCO Simulator on Google Appengine /Python
vmw.vcoPython bindings for VMware Orchestrator
Twist the MilkA Twisted version of the python API for Remember the Milk
bibtex-pluginA BibTeX plugin for Dokuwiki
Trac-BzrA Trac plugin for using Bzr
(osd)A guile frontend for libxosd
LispyA chat client again, but this time it is written in emacs-lisp
QNetC++/Qt client for Chat! servers (see below)
OctopusChat server written in C++/qtlite (Qt clone without graphical interface, created for Octopus) This was inspired by the server written by Fabien Letouzey (Xann/Mtp)
Pascal compilerA compiler written in C for a little subset of the Pascal language. The compiled code runs on a dedicated virtual machine (included) This was done as a project during my studies.
Power4 gameA little game written in 8086 assembly code. Graphical or textual interface, basic artificial intelligence.
man/html converterlittle shell script to convert man pages into html ones.


I regularly take part in the development of a software, when I feel a need for missing features or even just for fun.

KdevelopFormer member of the " core team "

Flash Code

In this section stand some pieces of code that are not meant to evolve. They were created mainly to fill a special need, often in very limited time.

(ants)A common lisp implementation of a compiler to express ant brains for ICFP 2004