Curriculum Vitae


I’m a Staff Engineer at Google.

I was previously:

  • a Staff Engineer at VMware
  • a Software Engineer at Bromium.
  • a QA & Integration Team Leader at Nagra.
  • a Sr Software Engineer at Ulteo.
  • a Sr R&D Engineer at VMware.
  • a Sr Qa Engineer at VMware.
  • a R&D Software Engineer at Trusted Logic.
  • a PhD student in team STC of the LIFL lab. (phd thesis here: hodique-phd.pdf)
  • a student of ENS Cachan (2002-2004).


2017-present:Staff Engineer Google Mountain View (USA)
2014-2017:Staff Engineer VMware Palo Alto (USA)
2013-2014:Software Engineer Bromium Canbridge (UK)
2012:QA & Integration Team Leader Nagra Lausanne (Switzerland)
2012:Senior Software Engineer Ulteo Home Office (France)
2011-2012:Senior R&D Engineer VMware Palo Alto (USA)
2008-2011:Senior QA Engineer at VMware Lausanne (Switzerland)
2007-2008:R&D Engineer at Trusted Logic Versailles (France)
2003-2007:Doctorat (PhD thesis) in computer Science
2002-2003:DEA (Master thesis) in Computer Science
2001-2002:Maîtrise (between Bachelor’s and Master’s degree) in Computer Science
Succeeded 3rd year entry exam at ENS Cachan (antenne de Bretagne).
2000-2001:Maîtrise (between Bachelor’s and Master’s degree) in Pure Mathematics
Licence (Bachelor’s degree) in Computer Science
1999-2000:Licence (Bachelor’s degree) in Pure Mathematics
1997-1999:DEUG MIAS
1997-1998:Gold medal in musical education
1996-1997:Baccalauréat (A level) S (Mathematics)

Skills and interests

OS:GNU/Linux, various Unices
Programming:C, C++, Go, Python, Shell Script, Common Lisp, Scheme, Javascript, x86 asm
Softwares:GNU Emacs, Gcc, Gdb, TeX/LaTeX, Git
Languages:French, English, German (high school level), Ancient greek ;-) (same remark)
Interests:Free softwares, Music, Litterature


You also may want to have a look at my personal productions, or university works